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Top 10 drinks

Toppings aren't included

Thai Tea.jpg

Thai Tea

Topping: Tapioca (Bubble)                 **Not included**

Coconut Milk Tea.jpg


milk tea

Topping: Tapioca (Bubble)

             Strawberry Jelly                 **Not included**

Winter Melon.jpg

winter melon 

milk tea

Topping: Tapioca (Bubble)

             Herbal Jelly                     **Not included**

Kumquart Lemon.jpg

kumquat lemon

green tea

Topping:    Boba Yogurt                     **Not included**

Passion Fruit.jpg

passion fruit

green tea

Topping: Mango Star Jelly                 **Not included**

Oreo Capp.jpg

oreo cappuccino


Topping: Tapioca (Bubble)

             Coffee Jelly                    **Not included**

TG Sunset.jpg

TG Sunset

Mango & Strawberry Favor

Shave Ice Drink

Blue > Butterfly Pea

Rose milk tea.jpg


milk tea

Topping: Strawberry Jelly                 **Not included**

Mango Strawberry Smoothie.jpg

mango strawberry


Mango & Strawberry Favor

Make with real fruit

peach oolong.jpg

peach oolong

Salt Cheese Foam on top

(Other option: Snow Cream)

special drink


TG Volcannno

Brown Sugar Bubble w/

Lactuce-Free Milk

Snow Cream & Peanut on top

Available Day & Time:

(Tue, Fri, Sat, Sun)

starting at 2pm

hawaii iced tea jpg_edited.jpg

Hawaii Iced Tea

Tropical Drink w/Black Tea

Come w/

Pineapple, Orange, Lime

Passion Fruit, Peach

Grapefruit Oolong.jpg

Grapefruit Oolong

Grapefruit Brend Oolong

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